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Honestly, it’s all in the name I chose. In the region I’m from a common word for ‘my grandmother’ is sitti . I was blessed with two grandmothers who were both the salt of the earth.

They were kind, brave, outspoken, loving, warm and from them, I learned the balance of giving and receiving.

This summer I lost sitti Ayouch, it hurt in ways I can’t put into words. Not only did she raise me but I drew so much of my strength from her resilient spirit.

As both my grandmothers now watch over me I decided to chase one of my dreams. To be able to build a project that could give me a creative outlet to be loud, to share who I am, an extension of who they were.

Nina Simone once said,

“An Artist's duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.”

This project’s mission is to support me as an artist as I draw on the world around us for inspiration and give me a chance to give back. A percentage of every item sold will go to charity so as soon as you purchase an illustration that resonates with you, you’ll be helping those in need.

The places I will donate to will regularly be posted on my

Instagram page @sittis_loud_artist

Thank you in advance for helping me grow out of a grey fluorescent-lit cubicle.




Sitti’s Loud Artist

(my grandmother’s loud artist)